Tuesday, February 1, 2011

groundhog day !

tomorrow is groundhog day! moose's favorite day of the year - ah, memories of the famous groundhog day/polyester/shooter party . . . things have never been the same, and what exactly constitutes 'a little bit of sex' ???

regardless, i think we will be lucky to even spot the furry little beast, let alone figure out if he sees his shadow or not. forecast calls for lots and lots of snow !

after much procrastinating, i finally decided to head over to hockley for my long snowshoe run on sunday. schedule called for a 'hilly run' and i figured that was a better place than any. and besides, i love hockley! i took off a little after 11:30 from behind the tai chi center. what a gorgeous day. i just kept stopping and staring at everything around me.

my legs were really heavy on the way out, but for whatever reason, felt a hundred percent better on the way back. i for sure could have kept going! managed my 3.5 hours and finished with a smile ! oh yaaaaa . . .

before i forget, i want to thank my friend lia for the email she sent me. her strength and beauty continue to overwhelm me.

keep on smiling lovely !


  1. hey this is cool!!

  2. Ah! I just saw this...you're the best Kendra! xoxo