Sunday, February 27, 2011

chico's abominable x-country snowshoe race

so i get this email from the captain on thursday night after crossfit . . .

What do you think? Must make mind up immeditately. click on Abdominable Snowshoe Race. online registration closes at midnight.

well, okay, let me check with coach spaff and see what he says . . .

Sounds like a fun race. I say do it. You've been getting in a little more shorter focused training with the speedwork so certainly would fit in nicely.

so i email the captain back . . .

okay, i’m in. but i’m heading to bed now – have to get up at 5. if you still want to go, register us and let me know.

and when i wake up friday morning, i get this . . .



what could go wrong???

got up an hour earlier than usual on sunday so we could get in our session of ghetto gym - waytogo ladies - how did you like doing squats at 7 in the morning?!! was in the car and on my way to uxbridge by 8 - not bad ! quick drive over and met up with the captain just after 9. pleasure valley - what a beautiful place!!

and who do we see as we're entering the registration area but the adorable MR. MUSKY !

there was a bit of a kerfuffle at sign-up, as adam hadn't heard of 'dora olsen'. 'who the hell is dora olsen?' no worries - he's seen me fall enough times on my mountain bike to know who i am! the cap and i sat in his car for a bit before the race, sizing up our opponents - we surmised we'd be last and second last for sure ! man there were some fast looking people there.

start was delayed a couple of minutes, and then we were off - around 15 of us doing the 9k - and it was at an INSANE PACE ! i could see the captain trying to keep up, but i just did my usual. i passed a couple of people near the beginning, and then settled into my own little world. actually, i worked pretty hard and was probably red-lining it most of the way! haha - stoopid dora ! the course was nuts - lots of uphill, and then lots more. and because they'd just had some fresh snow, it wasn't tramped down at all ! holy crap! i rolled into the finish area just under 1:07 and i was pretty pleased with that. i was soaked !

good shot of adam multi-tasking at the finish - announcing runners and eating chili . . .

cap came in a couple of minutes before me - would have been faster, but apparently he had a few wipe-outs! doh!

and of course, a chico race wouldn't be complete without a hug from the ever gorgeous sean. thanks honey and so good to see you again !!

as usual, sean and adam did a bang-up job! we got kicking horse coffee and e-load gels at the start, all-you-could-eat chili, hot chocolate and yummy snacks at the end, and i won an adidas bag and hat for coming in second. (i'm not supposed to mention that there were only 3 of us . . .)

super super way to spend a sunday - thanks captain and love ya! wyoming should be insane !

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