Friday, March 4, 2011

i know, i know, more favorite redheaded nephew shots! sorry, just can't seem to get enough of the benster . . .

and of course, my favorite sister being the best mom in the world . . .

and this guy is none other than the incredibly talented tattoo artist 'roadkill riley'. have already arranged to meet him in kelowna in the summer for a custom piece of ink. he is brilliant!!

'mommy, can you find me that little blue piece with the 2 dots on one side?'

great run on thursday. the ice was slowly melting off the creek by the haunted forest - so kool !

made it over to the base of k2 - i've been told i'll be doing hill repeats here in a couple of weeks!

thursday night saw 'fran' revisited and i purposely wore my 'i love fran' t-shirt! i managed to cut almost a minute off my previous time and my pull-ups are finally getting a bit smoother. great job by stevie and chris by the way !

and tomorrow, i'm heading to collingwood to compete in the outdoor crossfit challenge at blue mountain, hosted by crossfit indestri, with lisa, jay and marsala.

should be interesting, to say the least . . .

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