Sunday, March 20, 2011

road trip

check out lucas - cutest little crossfitter in bolton - well - next to kane of course!

nice underpants fed . . .

friday night club - big group - i ended up doing a few extra squats and push-ups with my superstar friend lisa - like 80 push-ups and 300 squats. gee, no wonder my run SUCKED on saturday!!

after 2.5 hours of stomping around in palgrave saturday, me, andrea and shar ventured south of 7 for a trip to mec - we hadn't been yet this month - an americano at starbucks, and the main purpose of our visit - to see miss pugsley in toy story 3 - a disney on ice production!

sky rats everywhere !

after buying this REALLY kool hat at mec, the girls thought i looked even MORE like a homeless person than usual - so i figured this would make a great picture. and the best part was - nobody even seemed to notice what i was doing! and my very most favorite sister called me a 'binner'. I LIKE IT !

once we got inside the show, the girls had to buy their own hats . . .

a few shots from the show

my fave - buzz lightyear . . .

andrea wanted some cotton candy and shar wanted another hat, so for $12 we got BOTH!

unfortunately i didn't get a shot of miss pugsley - doh! we were way too distracted with all the stuff going on around us!! great pic of the 3 of us though!

we managed to escape just as the show was ending, and didn't get caught up in the kerfuffle of a thousand kids trying to get out of the building!!

here we are being idiots in the elevator . . .

and this is the pylon we stole from wellington street as we were pulling out of the parking garage - we've decided that we will try and get one from every road trip from now on. oh, one more thing - andrea wasn't going to buy anything from mec - but she ended up spending over 200$. we think she is a 'mec-aholic' and that she is out of control !!

today (sunday) was the second of my back2back long runs. after ghetto gym at 8, training with the glp at 9:30 and then MUCH procrastination, i finally got moving around noon. temp was perfect and the trail conditions weren't too bad. a good chunk of ice up k2 and north of 9, but nothing the cascrews couldn't handle. here's a shot from the boardwalk by the gore.

and here's a shot of me at the end with my kool new hat !! i LOVE this hat even if it does embarass my nephew stevie !

so great day of running - got in 3.5 hours and felt strong! woohoo !

'life is good'

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