Saturday, February 26, 2011

presents in the mail . . .

had to do 2 'speed' sessions on the road this week. first one was monday - a bunch of 1 minute 'seizure sprints' on patterson with christine. then did way too many 10 minute tempo runs on centerville creek on wednesday - those kill me! worst was on the last one, when i was trying to change the song on my new ipod thingy, and couldn't find what i wanted and was screaming at it while running up a hill. good gawd i hope nobody saw me!

got my replacement cleats from coach spaff on tuesday (note to self - next time you run down the gore road, take the snowshoes off) - and check out my new hat!! sweet! it's made of 'turtle fur'. I LOVE IT! dions rock !!! thanks D !!

lotsa reps this week at crossfit. i'd been avoiding one kreepy workout in particular for days, but finally gave in when the ADORABLE kane talked me into doing it with him. total of 120 burpees and 45 cleans w 95#. blahh - burpees still suck ! then he talked me into 75 GHD sit-ups - STOP IT - if only he wasn't so damn cute ! thursday we took push-ups to another level - de-loads they called them - where you drop right to the ground, release your hands, and then push back up - krap ! and then let's make us do 150 of them! but wait, that's not enough, let's add 150 box jumps AND wallballs while we're at it! friday night club wasn't much better - let's throw in 150 squats, double-unders and GHD sit-ups! DILLON - STOP IT ! and finally, saturday, i obviously hadn't done enough squats or push-ups, so let's krunch through 175 and 125 of those suckers. and we'll do 75 pull-ups for good measure! argh!!

sad turnout for friday night club - not sure where everybody was - no excuses!! but big congrats to dave for a 'pr' of 150 double-unders - great job man!!

poor marsala really trashed her hands on saturday's WOD - who the hell thought of putting pull-ups AND knees-2-elbows together in the same workout for 200 reps ?????? i won't even attempt this one, as i 've determined my threshold before ripping to be about 80 reps.

here we are comparing the carnage. i got off easy this time !!

and so me and the captain are heading to uxbridge tomorrow for the abominable snowshoe x-country race put on by chico racing - superstar mountain biking organization led by the dynamic ruppel brothers - sean 'wheels' and adam 'chico'.

should be interesting!


  1. hahaha that's a funny picture of FNC....are those hanging pieces of clothing supposed to be the rest of us?! hahaha

  2. yup - and i labelled the box dave's sitting on as autobody joe . . .