Saturday, February 19, 2011

'if you can change your mind, you can change your life.' william james

i read the above quote somewhere, and i really liked it. i think it was a crossfit site.

anyway, the weather this week was strange. monday it was freezing!! then tuesday i would have been in shorts had i not been snowshoeing. i actually learned my lesson from last year when i almost frostbit my calves. but wednesday and thursday were a go for sure. did some 'tempo running' on wednesday - sets of 20, 15 and 10 minutes - which almost killed me! pick a 'not too hilly route' says coach spaff. gee, maybe i'll try centerville creek - IDIOT ! 'hay ethel, there's a lady running down the road - looks like she's having a seizure.' haha! AND LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL - a pair of 'momma spafford sox' !! aren't they awesome !?

thursday i ran around palgrave for over an hour - totally enjoying the warmer temps! even had a little relax on the balcony afterwards.

friday was 'train miss lucy' day. harrison (shorty) - the little dude she was expecting when me and her husband paul did sinister7 a couple of years ago - decided it wasn't quite time for his nap. he wasn't too bad for the first round of kettlebell swings . . .

but insisted on being part of the 'weighted squats'.

he was okay with the 'piggy-back-walking lunges' and the 'little kid thrusters', but he looked kinda green when she tried 'harrison kettlebell swings'. if anyone tries to say they can't workout with a toddler, they should meet miss lucy. she is amazing! when i walked in and saw her doing the elliptical with shorty - who weighs almost 30lbs - on her back in a pack - i told her she could try out for the firefighters!

oh, and when he finally decided to nap, look where he ended up crashing. ahem - THIS IS NOT PART OF MY JOB . . .

ah - friday night club! me, sara and jen did our 1 rep max push jerk. i got to 105lbs before i couldn't move it anymore. check out fedon's t-shirt . . .

don't even want to know what's going on between these two.
the pic . . .
and saturday - long run day - saw me doing loops in palgrave. i wasn't sure, what with all the melting and rain and freezing again and snow, what the trail conditions would be like, so i figured this would be easiest. did 5 loops (great mental training) and a bit extra to make my 4 hours. and i felt amazing! my last loop was my fastest by 3 minutes! wahoo!
finished it off with my usual timmies chili and a few donuts! mmmm forbidden donuts!

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