Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cast a shadow

can't remember which morning this was last week, but check out the beautiful sunrise . . .

and yummy dillon came up with an amazing workout for friday night club. we had to move 10,000lbs from ground to overhead, using whatever olympic lifts we wanted. the amount of weight on the bar determined the number of reps. lisa, sara and sonia are tuff-chicks, so they used 75lbs and had to do 135 reps. i was the sally-girl and only had 65lbs - meaning i had to do 153 reps ! what a blast! i did a snatch for every one and was the last to finish! and i must say, my snatch muscles sure were sore the next day . . .

saturday morning, me and christine made our way to rochester to meet up with the captain for the 'cast a shadow' snowshoe relay. 6 hours of running loops of 2.5 miles. we got there early and set up camp . . .

cap and christine going over some pre-race strategy . . .

and we're off - i took the first leg and after stomping through some fairly deep snow, tagged off to christine.

christine pretty much imploded on her first lap. she had too many layers on, ran way too fast, and shouldn't have eaten the sausages for breakfast. she was pretty cranky when she came in, and she was this awful yellow color - ewww! she mumbled something about writing a letter to bob evans . . . but what the hell was she thinking - seriously - sausages before a race ??!!!
she managed to eventually calm herself down, and we waited for the captain to do his first lap. he too went out a little fast, and dressed a little too warm, but wasn't quite as bad! after this though, everybody settled down and had a great time. the night laps were the koolest - it had started to snow and everything looked really neat by headlamp. i started my last lap just after 7, and figured i could get back in plenty of time for the cap to push out one more and be done by the 8pm cut-off.

here's a pic of race director mort - love the patio lanterns.

christine and me waiting for the captain to finish.

and here he comes - racing through the finishing tent and just about bowling over a soloist!

done - 4 laps for christine, and 5 for me and captain. 3rd place in the coed category! not bad for a bunch of fat ass pylons. we had a really good time and for sure want to try and drag at least a couple of teams down next year. super atmosphere all around !

and of course, a trip to the states just wouldn't be complete without the purchase of a bunch of monster sized hershey bars ! all this for only 12$ - gotta love the americans and their 'super-sizing' . . .

next up - 'outdoor crossfit challenge' march 5 at blue mountain with lisa, jay and marsala !


  1. Congrats on the third place! Mort and Co certainly know how to put on a great race. Very nice folks. Sounds like you had a blast.

    Sausages for breaky huh? Ouch.

  2. it was fun ! we'd definitely go back.
    and yup - big ouch! she was feeling those all day !

  3. Love your sunrise. We had a pink sunset here in Sydenham the other day.
    The team relays seem like so much fun although you make working out with heavy weights look like fun also; )

  4. I hope your snatch muscles had recovered for the snowshoe race.

  5. Forgot to add "Nyuk Nyuk" to the above post.Also congrats on the podium finish!


  6. Awesome, congrats! It looked like a blast. Would love to do that one some time.

    Oh those bars are killing me now. They set off an intense craving. I'll just gaze at the photo longingly. That should help, right?

  7. The chocolate bars that is, not the insane lift 10,000 lbs over your head ones. ;)

  8. ej - team relays are a blast - have you ever done dances with dirt in hell michegan!?

    sara - thanks! and we made a special trip to a target store just to get the bars - pylon tradition when we go to the states!

    stoopid digger . . .