Tuesday, March 12, 2013

wod 13.1 - done and done!

poor fig!  we killed him again!  lunge jumps AND box jumps in the same workout - 120 reps of each.  it was just nasty!

and finally, it was wednesday - the day we'd all been waiting for - the announcement of wod 13.1 for the 2013 crossfit games.   i dashed up to my computer at 8pm and just about shit when i read what we had to do - burpees - fuck - are you kidding me - didn't we do them LAST year - and snatches - fuck - are you kidding me - my weakest lift - in the same format as last year.  seriously guys, a little originality would be nice.   regardless, it had to be done, but not until saturday ...

so thursday i went for a run in palgrave.  trails were in great shape ...

and i even stretched out my snatch muscles a bit ...

friday night club was super fun!  katie, recently a mississauga member, moved to newmarket and is now hanging out with us!  check out her little girl madison ...

good group as always!

and before we knew it, it was saturday - show time!   the wod went like this ...

17 minute AMRAP of:
40 burpees
30 snatch @ 45lbs
30 burpees
30 snatch @ 75lbs
20 burpees
30 snatch @ 100lbs

well, i don't need to go any further, as my max snatch is only 80lbs.   but you get the idea!   my goal - to finish the round of 20 burpees.  the energy in the gym was insane!  everyone was so nervous!   it was krazy!  and as the mighty one counted us down, 3,2,1 ...   i did my first burpee and all nerves were gone.   get the job done!   i got through the first 40 in under 3 minutes i think, and then on to the 45lb snatches - not too bad.   back to the burpees - fuck these were getting hard, especially on the legs!  okay, done, adjust the weight on the bar and start my 75lb snatches.   these were heavy but i tried to keep moving.  ted, who was counting for me, kept encouraging me to keep going and push through it!  (thanks ted).  i finally finished these in 15:10.  with what energy i had left, i got through the 20 burpees with about 10 seconds to spare.   good gawd!   my score - 150!  exactly what i was hoping for.   as i looked around, i saw just about everyone lying on the ground in a heap - that was EVIL ! i can't remember the scores, but we all did amazing!  so after the first wod, in the female 50-54 age group, i am ranked 10th in canada east and 88th worldwide.  i'm okay with that !!  bring on 13.2 !!

oh ya - my friend kathy scored an insane 193 points!  what a beast!  she is my hero!!  she ranked 4th worldwide in the 40-44 age group.   keep rolling sister!

sunday, after a big feed of paleo pancakes, i headed into the forest for a sweet 2+ hour run.


despite the snow, trails were in pretty good shape, only getting a bit spongy towards the end ...

i felt GREAT!

finished off the evening watching miss lilian stalk a bunch of wild turkeys up by the house.

she almost got them ...

and now, we get to wait until wednesday, and do it all over again !!!

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