Monday, March 25, 2013

crossfit games 13.3 and ain't that the 'kat's' ass ...

my buddy kathy was seen recently sporting this outfit ...

not to be outdone, i also bared MY buns after a run in palgrave last week ...

and yes, we're still battling the snow ...

enough already !!!   i want some mud for gawd sakes!

fedon has only been back a few weeks, and already he's got his squat up to 365+.

another great group for friday night!!  and yes, that's luca in there too!   order is restored - old school!

and saturday - crossfit games time again !!!

 Workout 13.3
12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

i was kind of disappointed, as we had done this same workout last year.   the only difference being you recorded your times after each group of exercises in case of a tie breaker.   with thomas at my side,  i got the wallballs done in 6:01, and the double-unders in 7:31.  i tried for 4 minutes to get a muscle-up, but wasn't successful.   however, with that quick of a time, i thought i might do okay - especially if not a lot of the other girls got muscle-ups either.

i didn't get any pics during the wod, but here's a fab shot of the bunch of us afterwards.

when i got home and submitted my score for 13.3, i realized i was FIRST in the world in the 50-54 age group!  i frantically emailed the mighty one and made him verify it so i could have my moment of glory.  and here it is ...

it was almost a good 12 hours before i was overtaken, but man was it sweet while it lasted!  so in the end, my results for 13.3 were 12th worldwide, and FIRST in canada east.   after the first three wods, i am 62nd worldwide and 5th in canada east.  and i'm really good with that.  two more to go!

sunday my legs were stiff as shit from the wallballs, but i figured a romp through the forest would help.   i started out from humber station and broke trail for close to 4k.

once i hit k2, there were a few tracks ahead of me - pretty sure they belonged to moose and the dawg.  and yep, definitely warm enough for shorts!

the asian zamboni squad must have been up and up the dingle, as it was really well stomped down.  the creek looked beautiful!

and of course i had to take a little breather under the birthday tree on the way back.   not the best idea after 2 1/2 hours of running though, as the poor old legs were just nasty stiff from saturday!

and finally, remember THIS guy - the stem cell transplant guy - the multiple myeloma guy???  well here he is after completing a st paddy's day 5k snowshoe race.

could he be ANY more awesome and inspiring ...

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