Sunday, March 31, 2013

crossfit games 13.4

super kool shot of the mighty one with 'the little one'.   mrs. p was trying to train the other day but 'the little one' wasn't cooperating - and yes, i know, she only had 'the little one' 5 weeks ago - she's amazing - so daddy took over.   great job of multi-tasking - coaching and babysitting at the same time!!  she is SO cute and looks just like him!

and speaking of cute - check out these most recent pics of my favorite redhead ...

no really, could he be any more adorable ...

and LOOK!  in albion!  i found MUD!

not much, but just enough to put me in a super amazing mood!  come on spring !!!!

i went into the gym on friday to watch our trainers do 13.4 - incredible!  i love seeing these guys train!  here's kathy doing clean and jerks - she made it look effortless!

and father jimmy ...

and the mighty one ...

toes to bar ...

and the aftermath ...

hay!   look who else was in today!   kane - hiiiiiiiiiiiiii kaaaaaaane!

some kat lovin ...

my beautiful strong chick friends!

it was definitely a good friday at crossfit bolton!

saturday was my turn for 13.4 ...

Workout 13.4

7 minute AMRAP of:
3 Clean and jerk - 3 Toes-to-bar
6 Clean and jerk - 6 Toes-to-bar
9 Clean and jerk - 9 Toes-to-bar
12 Clean and jerk - 12 Toes-to-bar
15 Clean and jerk - 15 Toes-to-bar

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 15 go on to 18. If you complete 18, go on to 21, etc.

i didn't have really high expectations, as the clean and jerk weight of 95lbs was fairly heavy for me.   but as always, i'd give it my best!  it was a packed gym, and i totally forget to get pics of the first two heats.  i finally got my shit together though, and managed a few of 'the big guns' ...

absolutely love these two of anthony !

and not sure what toddy tucked-in is doing here, but we'll let it ride ...

anyway, for my part, i managed 5 of 12 toes to bar - and i'm happy with that.  i was hoping to get through 9, so i surpassed my expectations!   total score of 53.  i'm pretty sure i'll drop in the standings, but that's okay!  it's all for fun!  besides, i had my moment of glory last week.  outstanding job everybody - crossfit bolton ROCKS!

so now that most of the scores have been submitted, i stand as follows (for those who care (hehe)) -  for 13.4  i finished 97th in the world and 7th in canada east and overall, i ranked 64th worldwide and 7th in canada east.   oh ya!  kathy is currently 7th worldwide in masters women 40-44.  fucking amazing!

to finish off the weekend - cuz 'some' of us have to work tomorrow - i went for a sweet 2 hour run in palgrave.   trails were pretty icy, but i had no trouble staying upright with my gold cascrews!

 this is the koolest stump!

oh ya!

and so, one more workout and the open is done for another year!  all i can say about 13.5 is 'COME ON 50K RUN'        i wish ...


  1. I'm glad to see Kat running around in her underwear. There's a girl after my own heart! Speaking of which - hugs to you, darlin'!

  2. i think if she could go topless, she would! hugs to you too! miss you!