Sunday, March 17, 2013

crossfit games 13.2 and fedon's b'day

here are a couple pics from 13.1 - thanks lori !

i didn't run as much this week - trails were 'frozen lumpy' and it took way too much effort not to blow an ankle.   besides, why do it if i'm not having fun ...

friday night club was HUGE this week!  came through the doors to see kane doing burpees -  hiiiiii kaaaaane!

and i came up with an utterly brilliant idea for the pic - seeing as how it was fed's birthday!

we all headed to the bull after for some beer and food.   and look - thomas came in from guelph!!

even father jimmy made it out ..

when luca showed up and started buying pitchers, i decided it was my time to leave!  i heard they took over the karaoke stage and eventually closed the place AND fedon woke up the next day with no pants on - something about falling in a swamp ...

and then saturday - 13.2 of the crossfit games!  i love that the mighty one scheduled a day for all of us to do it together.   the energy in the gym is unbelievable and i truly think we all work harder with a crowd.

Workout 13.2

10 minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to overhead, 115 / 75 lbs
10 Deadlift, 115 / 75 lbs
15 Box jump, 24 / 20 inch

anthony 'candyman' doing push press ...


thomas ...

deadlifts ...

and box jumps ...

jason p ...

kool overhead shot ...

i never once took a break, thanks to fig yelling at me, and when the clock ran out, i crumpled to the floor.  my score - 7 rounds plus 9 box jumps for a total of 234!  i was pretty happy with that!  everyone did amazing!!  my results for 13.2 were 149th worldwide, and 10th in canada east.   after the first two wods, i am 100th worldwide and 8th in canada east.   not too bad for an old hack! 

ahaaa!    the ultimate sweat angel - nice one thomas!

my boyz!

i think what is really interesting, is how krazy nervous we all get over the 5 weeks.   we wait with nutso anticipation on wednesday to hear the announcement at 8pm.  i know i set my watch and make sure i'm close to a computer so i can run over and check the wod.   once it's known, then we stress, in a good way, over how we'll do - all week this goes on!  come saturday, we're all insanely jumpy and it's chaos in the gym.   AND while we're standing around waiting to start, i just want to bust!  finally, as the clock counts down, 3,2,1, go ...    it's temporarily forgotten.   for 10 minutes, the only thing going through everybody's mind is to just 'get er done'.   and when the mighty one yells time, we fall to the floor in exhaustion.  we did it!

but then, it starts all over again - what's the next one ...


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