Monday, January 28, 2013

pylon extreme !

still on the cold side thursday, but never bad once you get out there!

get some of the best pics in the winter ...

single track bliss ...

oh ya ...

so i'm getting way better at handstand push-ups.   still waiting for the day my eyeballs pop out of my head though ...

friday night club - come on todd, let us sit with you ...

looking particularly wasted after way too many burpees and box jumps!

and my girl joanne crushing her split jerk - nice shoulders honey!   you're JACKED!

this is kind of a long email i got from the captain, but it's worth a read ...

Major pissed at myself. We had been running for close to 2 hours thru really technical awesome mountain trails.
We came out on flat dirt almost a rail trail and that is where I trip.
I knew the second I hit ground it was bad as the pain was unbelievable.
Everyone was concerned about my knee which was torn to rat shit and bleeding but all I knew was pain and that I could not move my arm.
Finally got up and gave told everyone to go on and I would find way back to car.
There was no Dora, to escort me back this time.
In fact I could have used a strong Dora as shoulder was sticking out and needed to be pushed back into joint.
Thinking Dora might have been losing breakie behind cactus as it was bad.
Managed to find a tree and push it back in myself.
Never thought I could do it, but the pain made me try it.
The relief was incredible once it went back in.
Now I was wet and cold, about 90 minutes from car somewhere.
Started jogging slowly back down path.
5 mins later stepped on loose rock and arm flew up for balance.
Shoulder came out again and knees buckled with the pain.
Thought I may pass out as stars everywhere.
Somehow arched back and it slid back into place.
Decided to walk. Could have used a Dora, if you were finished yacking behind cactus.
Walked for an hour now lost.
Came around trail to fin a huge long horned steer staring at me.
Had to back track and found a road.
About an hour later and after getting directions from some psycho hunters, I found car.
Drove an hour to get back and then on to hospital.
Along with 2 dislocations, I had fractured a bone in socket. (maybe when I was leaning against tree)
Arm is now totally immoblized, so cannot do fuck all right now.
Have been hiking most days, against orders. Every week I climb local mountain. Takes about 4 hours

anyway, here he is a month later, running 19k in pheonix.  and despite the rule of leaving a pylon for dead, i still can't believe those people let him try and get out on his own.   incredible ...

after much procrastination - as always on a sunday - i got myself out for a 3 hour run on the bruce.
conditions weren't too bad, with just a little loose snow to push through - making me use those little tweaky muscles that get lazy in the summer ...

the creek in the haunted forest finally iced up ...

yep - life is good !


  1. OK-I can't top that one. All that's missing was a pack of rabid javelinas.
    Stoopid Captain!

  2. and you've done some pretty epic things!!

    stoopid digger!