Wednesday, January 2, 2013

my favorite pics from 2012

 january - snowshoeing with everhard up at mansfield - check out the size of those shoes!!

february - box jump training for leadville with the mighty one!

march - hockley run with onions!

april - easter with andreaaaa and shar !

may - resting under the birthday tree after a long run ...

june - the 115 royal burpee challenge - good gawd!

july - my favorite redhead comes to visit.   LOVE this kid!

august - my first ever MMA fight with kathy !

september - back to st. john's and the east coast trail!

october - bloodied hands with saggo ...

november - 1000 burpees completed at the top of murphy's pinnacle - the first set of 1000 that is ...

december - 1000 burpees - for the second time - with kathy counting ...

and my favorite picture from 2012 - the semi-finals of the CompWOD -  2 bars, 1 snatch, team competition in november.   the mighty one screaming at me while i pedal for my life on this terrible contraption known as an air dyne ...

so here's to 2013 - may you all follow your dreams and live for your adventures!   i know i will !!

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