Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the caveman cometh

 for gawd sakes it got cold this week!  it was -23 when i made my way into palgrave today ...

 and there had been a fresh dump of the 'white stuff' ...

trails were in pretty good shape though ...

 ran into my buddy joe who was just finishing up a 10k hike!   LOVE the hat!!

once i got going, it was fine.  

even saw the sun towards the end of my 90 minutes ...


oh ya!  my little beer drinking pylon digger reminded me that i had been interviewed by matthew kadey  for an article on paleo eating and endurance running.   so i guess if you're really bored, check out page 62 of the jan/feb issue of canadian running magazine.


  1. ahaha! stoopid digger!

    miss ya little buddy ...

  2. Already read it. I am sure you have already converted thousands of readers to your paleo way of thinking. What are you doing in the last photo? I have so far been able to avoid squatting in the woods. Please send some of your snow our way. The trails are too icy and rutty to run on here.

  3. haa! i was trying to kneel in the snow, but it was kinda on a hill! and you can have ALL our snow!

  4. Agrr, I just tried to read it online but the website won't let me!

    Can't wait to read the article!

  5. hay lovely! i have a copy i can give you.

  6. Great! I'd love to see it!

  7. Great article! Enjoyed reading it.