Monday, February 4, 2013

95lb thrusters ...

yup!  95lbs - 30 of the suckers on wednesday!  it just about killed me, but i did it!  not bad considering my previous max effort was - yup - 95lbs!   so i'm thinking it's a bit higher now ...

thursday i ran through palgrave - sweet trail conditions!  i thought the legs would be trashed from wednesday, but they were good to go!!

friday night club!  nice big group - love it!

i finally managed to get out running for a couple+ hours with the elusive everhard on sunday!  we met at the tai chi center and headed over to the 4th! 

we figured we'd better get doing some hills, seeing as how we've signed up for the squamish 50 miler in august!

oops - stoopid timer didn't work ...

aha!  that's better!   great run - thanks E !!

after the run, i came home and made duncan do some ab work - it just about killed him.  check out he and miss lilian crashed on the couch ...

and "oh ya baby" - officially signed up for the 2013 crossfit games - old lady 50-54 category!  wahoo!  can't wait !!!


  1. WOW!!! 95 pound thrusters?! Dear Lord Kendra!! That's incredible!

    The last time I did my max effort thruster was about one year ago and it was 95 pounds so I should see if I can keep up with you by testing myself this week. If I live through that, I'll let you know how I did!