Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i thought they'd come for me dressed in black hoods...

ahaha! got this from my buddy georgie in texas yesterday!! awesome!!

and so speaking of holidays and canada day, i had a great weekend! i posted my pics backwards, so this entry is backwards, but that's nothing unusual ...

me, andreaaaaaaa and tony went to albion sunday night for the fireworks. stoopid me figured we should get there at 8:30, so we had to sit and wait almost an hour and a half. fireworks were good, but the mosquitoes were horrible!!

me and andreaaaaa weren't too bad, we had jeans and hoodies, but i think poor tony lost a pint of blood out of his head alone. next time wear a hat sweetie!

earlier sunday i did my long run. i started out in palgrave and it was a beauty day. did some single track and then headed over towards hwy 9.

this poor little dude wasn't quite fast enough ...

i met up with onions on centerville, and we decided to run k2 and then part of glen haffy. i think it was about 49 seconds into the trail when he hit a root and did an outstanding yard sale! ahaha! always a gong show when he's around!

so just as we got through the one field, and turned into the forest, we came upon the most unusual sight. 4 sisters dressed in full habit. being me, i blurted out, 'wow - it's not often you see THIS in here!" onions had stopped a little ahead of me, and when i caught up to him he exclaimed, 'holy krap, when i saw that, and the sun shining down on them through the trees, i thought my time was up!' i thought the same thing, except i figured they would be dressed in red, or be wearing black hoods! we started talking to them and learned they were with the 'sisters of life' out of toronto, and that they had the day off so they decided to go hiking! i took their picture, wished them a great day, and got out of there before my luck changed!! hehe!

naturally, i couldn't remember their names, so Sister Maria Kateri was kind enough to help me out when she emailed me back! Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Maria Kateri, Sr. Margaret and Sr. Catherine Marie.

onions made some smart arse remark about me seeing the strangest things when i go running. i think he mentioned 3 deer, 4 nuns and a little brown guy doing a yard sale! hahaha!!

anyway, i managed to get in 3 and a half hours and around 26k. good run!

saturday was pride day! off to the city - definitely south of 7 ! i wrangled a ride with everhard and his buddies, liz and lance. we met at ray's place and then headed over to the start! now i don't EVER run road anymore, so everyone was pretty shocked that i had decided to do this. i don't even own a pair of road shoes! i just wanted to see my friends, and i figured it would take under 30 minutes to run 5k.

here i am at the start with my two bestest running buddies tone and dave ...

dave was planning on 'testing the legs' so me and tone just hovered towards the back!

great 'before' shot with everhard, lance, tone and dave.

my awesome friend michael ovens was looking hot! we couldn't keep up to him and his guide runner!

ray wasn't running, but he was working the water station. i caused a bit of a kerfuffle when i stopped dead right at one of the tables to take his picture. 'roadies can be so funny about stuff like that ...'

also met up with my sexy friend alistair - who came in 5th overall - and his partner richard. he introduced me to his friend maya, who is blind, and whom he trains with once a week. he even helped her qualify for boston this year! outstanding!

i think the koolest thing about the race was the attitudes of friends/people with disabilities and health issues. i see michael and maya, who can't see (or can't see much) not wallowing in it. they make the best of everything and they don't feel sorry for themselves. they don't 'hate their life' - they embrace it! and then there's dave - running god - who from this day forward will not be allowed to use the 'cancer card'. this amazing individual is completing his THIRD round of chemo, and awaiting a stem cell transplant, and he still manages to run a sub 25 minute 5k.

after the run, we cleaned up and walked over to alistair and richard's. great shot under the tent with dave, tone and ray!

love this sexy little dude (alistair) and i can probably boast that i'm the only woman he's ever slept with ...

we then boarded a greyhound bus to guelph, where the tone's krazy daughter jenny picked us up and drove us to the trailer. after a couple hours, i was ready to leave. this little redneck had had her share of the big city and needed to get back to the sanctity of her treehouse!

friday night club was fantastic!! huge group and even an appearance by the lovely mrs. schutz!

and it was just like old times with most of the gang who were at cf bolton when i first started! even fedon and luca made an appearance! it was awesome!!! talk about 'old school' ...

but the biggest excitement of the night was the tractor pull !!! i had begged, threatened and pretty much nagged everyone to the point that they figured it would just be easier to humor me and show up!! josh even gave me a ride over on his harley! kool !!!!!!!!!!!

i guess the bad news was that they had to shut down early because somebody broke 'the executioner' (the thing that got pulled), but we had a blast regardless and it was sooooooooooo much fun hanging out with everyone!!!

oh ya, the mighty one made me push the prowler last thursday for 2.5km. i think i almost died.

and did anyone notice i didn't swear in this post ...


  1. thanks sara! have fun in the adirondacks!

  2. This post made me laugh for two reasons..
    1. You look so small in the big city
    2. The hilarious mess that was Friday Night Club followed by the tractor pull!! HAHAHA I love our CF family :)

  3. Oh...and...
    3. The group of nuns in the woods! HAHAHA

    Only you Kendra.

  4. the city scares me lovely! and the best part was you and jess showing up, and not actually seeing anything being pulled!!!
    i love our cf family too!

  5. LOL..and Jess asking if they pulled fridges! haha