Sunday, July 8, 2012

night run

forgot to post this ! just a couple pics from my night run last weekend. started out from hwy 50 around 7:30 and turned at hwy 9. sweet shot from between the trees as i came up k2.

even sweeter shot of the sunset on the way back.

put in just under 2 hours in the dark. only fell once and managed to scare off a pair of yellow eyes in palgrave about 10 minutes from the finish. always glad to see the little red mazda!

wahoo! 4 hours done!

LOVE this shirt! thanks garza !!

and to think i used to be vegetarian!


  1. LOL I love that t-shirt!! I know someone who would get a good laugh out of that picture, do you mind if I send it to him?

    Love the night shots..beautiful.

  2. Haha...though should also be pointed out that chubby t-shirt dude is standing in line at McDonalds.

  3. aha!! you WOULD notice that spafford ...

  4. Yellow eyes? That might have been me!

  5. were you drinking beer in the woods last week digger ...

  6. HAHAHA ya I noticed he was at McDonalds too!! lol so funny