Saturday, July 14, 2012

i suck at rowing!

that was a hot one for sure on saturday! the plan was an out and back - with the back being 20 minutes faster - not an easy feat even on a kool day for me. i started from palgrave forest and hwy 50 around 10 (shouldn't have procrastinated - should have started earlier) stoopid dora! so yes, it was a bit steamy, but not too bad in the shade of the trees. i took it easy on the way out, stopping for a couple pics along the way.

and of course my timing was so perfect that i still had to do the second switchback north of 9 before i could turn back at 2:40 . grrrrr!

i stopped in glen haffy to refill my water and soak my head, figuring there was no way i'd make it back in 2:20. when i hit palgrave and the final 40+minutes of single track, i really started to overheat! i had to sit a couple of times to try and bring my temperature down a bit - i was feeling nauseous and light headed. but my stubbornness prevailed and i kept going. imagine my surprise when i hit my car at exactly 5 hours! haaaaaa! i was so happy i cried (i think i was really delirious at this point).

i hit the palgrave quickie mart on the way back to get some cold water and gingerale. as we were standing in line for like 20 fucking minutes because some guy was taking forever to buy/cash in his fucking lottery tickets (my ultimate pet peeve), this guy behind me said it was kind of like standing in line at wonderland, but without the climactic ending. i replied there might be one if this idiot doesn't fucking hurry up!! i then drove over to sharons' and soaked in the pool for 10 minutes - feeling my brain sizzle as i dunked it under the water! wahoo! a job well done!

this is from last sunday. me and homey did 2:30 in palgrave after my 4 hour night run the day before. i was dead but it was great hitting the trails with him after such a long time!!

friday we did a few tests at crossfit. first i was super stoked to up my split jerk by 10lbs - topping out at 120 !! we then did max reps push ups (38 - how pathetic), toes to bar (18 - not bad), box jumps (27.5" - runners can't jump) and 500meter row (2:07 - how awful is that!!!) can you tell i absolutely detest rowing ...

great job everyone!! great group!!

kool sunset on the way home friday ...

only 5 weeks to leadville!!!

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