Saturday, July 7, 2012

butterflies ...

lesson learned - do NOT go for a tattoo on your calf a mere 2 hours after doing seizure repeats in 97 degree weather and expect it NOT to hurt. stoopid dora! i had booked an appointment with the super talented shawn at sakred skinz for thursday and forgot about the running thing! oh well, suck it up!

i did pretty good with the outline and shading ...

but it started to bite when he was putting in the color ...

with miss sarah to distract me, we got through it and the end result was amazing! looks like they're flying right off my leg ...

beautiful! thanks shawn!

wednesday was leadville training day with the mighty one. first we did some deadlifts with 175lbs. - 5 of them

then i had to jump my sorry old arse over this stick 10 times ...

followed by a 200m sprint - ahaha! if you could call it that! we used the dumpster as the finish line. classic!

and we (i) did that 7 times - in 99 degree weather! i think i sweated for at least 45minutes AFTER i finished. thomas said i was pretty gross!

ahaha! hilarious picture of jay after friday night club! he is sooo much fun !

great group! i even managed a pr on my split jerk! 110lbs! yikes!

LOVE these two!

and tonight i get to go run in the woods by myself. if i don't return, wayne gets my bike(s) - although i doubt he'll want the misfit - and my ponytail is up for grabs!


  1. Love the butterflies!

    That is a great shot of the three of us...sweat and all!

  2. i know! awesome picture!!! we all look like we worked really hard! hay, wait, we did !!!