Saturday, March 10, 2012


i was standing there, watching the faces of all those around me who had already done the workout - the third workout from the 2012 crossfit games - father jimmy, marsala, kat, to-nay - anxiously waiting for kane to take get set up. 3,2,1, go ... incredible how we all feel his pain, how we scream for him to push harder, how we all want him to turn off the bad thoughts that make him want to rest, how we all want him to finish. the look in his eyes mirrors those of all the rest of us who went before him and not one person left before the clock reached 18 minutes. what a feeling. you don't get this in any other gym. THIS is why i love crossfit bolton.

i did mine on friday night, with the mighty one keeping track, and toni working along side of me. the 15 box jumps weren't so bad, other than they gassed me a little. i was able to do each round unbroken.

the 12 push press at 75lbs was the hardest. that was a lot of weight for me, and by the end, i was only able to put up 3 or 4 reps at a time. and i almost felt like barfing on the first few right after the box jumps.

and finally, the 9 toes to bar were pretty good, other than the last few rounds were i almost slipped off cuz my hands were all sweaty (and my forearms were burning ...).

after 18 minutes, i had managed to get in 6 complete rounds, plus an extra 15 box jumps and 8 push press. i was fucked! that was probably the hardest workout i'd ever done in terms of effort. i just lay on the floor in a heap for a couple of minutes, and let my heart rate return to normal. i was really happy with my score, as i was hoping for 6 rounds!

super fab shot of thomas doing his muscle-ups ...

and of course - friday night club!

oh ya, got this email from the mighty one regarding my next personal thrashing session ...

choo choo here comes the pain train choo choo


Wednesday at 4.


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