Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 crossfit games - workout 3

after an icy/muddy run in palgrave today, i went into bolton for my weekly beating/leadville training session with the mighty one. first of all, we did deadlifts - up to 190lbs - as a warm-up. then the mighty one set up 4 bars - 95, 135, 155 and 185lbs - along the center of the box. i had to lift the first one for 10 reps, and in the time remaining in the minute, do burpees (again, i'd already done my fucking burpees for the day). the second bar was for 5, third 3 and fourth 1 - again, doing burpees for the remainder of the minute. after one round, he switched the 'in between exercise' to squat jumps, then burpees, then squat jumps again, for a total of 16 minutes. good gawd, after 76 MORE burpees, and 80 squat jumps, never mind all the deadlifts, i thought my legs were going to explode!!

i gave toni a quick hug, and wished her luck, as the mighty one was going to make her try it next ... may the force be with you girl !!!

wednesday was just a sweet day, as i threw on the shorts and a t-shirt and pounded out a few seizure repeats on centerville creek! no coach spaff - they weren't fun !!!! and then i went into bolton for a class with father jimmy. we were trying our one rep max front squat, and i was quite happy to hit a personal best of 150 ! and then, dah dah dah dah dah dah (music from jaws), we got our third workout for the 2012 crossfit games. marsala and i had been shitting our pants, hoping it wouldn't be muscle -ups (we'd be screwed). so i gave an extra loud holler when i checked my computer at 8:01 ...

Workout 12.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

15 Box jumps (M 24" box / F 20" box)
12 Push press (M 115 lb / F 75 lb)
9 Toes-to-bar

wahoo! i can do all 3 of these! don't get me wrong, it will TOTALLY suck, but at least i can do it!

wednesday i ran through albion and spotted this dude up in the trees - he sure was making a fuss over something! dunc says he's the one who attacks mountain bikers in the spring ...

monday was a 'recovery run' day, so me and dunc did an 'easy' hour in hockley - when is it EVER easy running in hockley ....

total beauty of a day though ...

and finally, after crossfit last sunday, i did a lazy 90 minutes in palgrave.

kool! i want a pugsley snow bike .....

great great week of running and crossfit!