Thursday, March 15, 2012

back on the prowler

i walked into cf bolton on thursday for my weekly thrashing with the mighty one, kinda thinking it might be fun to get the prowler out for the first time this year. 'i think we should use the prowler today', says he. good grief, can this guy read my mind now too!?

so after a bunch of back squats for strength, we loaded it up with 255lbs, and he had me do 15 second intervals. i think i did around 16 of them. LOVE THE PROWLER!

andreaaaaaaaa showed up at ghetto wednesday sporting the latest in 'ass-kicking' boots! awesome! and speaking of phenomenal ghetto girls, andreaaaaaaaa, anna v and marion all deadlifted 200lbs on monday, AND, the powerhouse rene easily lifted 215lbs! i got some work to do ...

and, it was bound to happen, the inevitable - muscle-ups! yep! they're in the 4th workout for the 2012 crossfit games. at first i was figuring i'm screwed, but then when i actually broke it down, it's not so bad. i know i can do 150 wallballs in about 6 or 7 minutes, and then 90 double-unders in maybe another couple minutes, so really, i'd only have about 3 or 4 minutes left for the stoopid muscle-ups. i am pretty sure i can get at least 240 points, and, i'm hoping a lot of the other 50-54 year olds aren't able to do them either!!!

holy krap! just look at the sticker trailman got for me! my 2 favorite sayings all in one!! OUTSTANDING!!!

sunday was long run day. i discovered very early on that my legs were pretty tired from all the week's antics. most of the hills just about killed me, and there was a bit of walking going on, and a bunch of whining too! i went from humber station up to hwy 9 and threw in a bit of the dingle.

still a bunch of ice and snow the closer i got to hwy 9 ...

sap was running up by centerville creek!

so i put in 3 hours, and finished with my burpees.

and already we're at day 34 of the 115 royal burpee challenge, for a total so far of 595. despite a few misses, and then catch-ups, i'm really pleased to report that everyone is still going!!

stoopid burpees!

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