Sunday, March 4, 2012

crossfit games 2012 - workout 2 - in the bag

well, some of them weren't very pretty, but i got it done. i had attempted the workout on friday, but was doubting my ability to snatch 75lbs. as a result, i dicked around with the first 30 reps at 45lbs. marsala was counting for me - she had crushed her 75's - and persuaded me to try one. holy krap - i did it! but by then, there wasn't a lot of time left on the clock, so i only managed 12, for a total of 42.

i went back in today and got warmed up for a second attempt.

i know, i know - i bent my arms too early - we're going to engrave that on my tombstone!

the top of the rep ...

and so, with the mighty one hollering at me, and trying to correct my form, i completed my last rep with about 3 seconds to spare. yahoo! that brought my score up to 60 total! so i am currently tied for 28th in this workout, and 56th overall.

yesterday i dragged dunc out with me for almost 3 hours on the bruce. the trail was a bit slushy, and it was windy as snot, but overall conditions were pretty good! we got in about 23k and i felt fine, but i think dunc was kinda broken. i was actually supposed to do a snowshoe race in vermont, but conditions down there weren't overly appealing - +5 and a 90% chance of rain. ewwwww! so me and everhard opted to stay home.

love the way the snow is placed on the trees ...

me and marsala after my first attempt on friday - thanks girl - you are awesome!!

oh ya!

after my snatch workout, i did a group wod, consisting of 300 sit-ups, 225 squats, and (fuck me) 75 burpees - these were ON TOP of the 21 i'd already done for the burpee challenge!!!

great group shot - as always!

and i finally got around to getting a tattoo in honor of losing my virginity at haliburton last september. i had heard great things about this guy shawn, originally a wildlife artist, who had opened shop in bolton. i took in a photo, and my belt buckle, and lucked out with an appointment the next day at sakred skinz tattoo studio!

what a great guy! and his artwork is incredible.

now i'm a baby when it comes to this stuff, but i barely felt a thing.

the finished product - a little more realistic than the logo, but i love it. and i love the fact that he still managed to work in the face in the middle of the wolf. thanks shawn!

I must admit
I can't explain
Any of these thoughts racing
Through my brain

It's true
Baby I'm howlin' for you


  1. You crazy crossfitter. Nice tattoo.

  2. Great tattoo! Have wanted a Haliburton one for a loooong time too.

  3. I considered a tat after 100, but I'm currently un-tatted, so it would have been my first. I've skipped it....for now. Looks like you have a few to go with it!

  4. i'm really pleased with this one! and morgan - like bikes and running shoes, a girl can never have too many tattoos ...

  5. I have to admit, the tattoo is pretty cool.