Thursday, February 16, 2012

box jumps ...

so let's see, it's day 6 of the royal burpee challenge. i have 13 people on board and so far so good! HOWEVER, the wod at crossfit bolton for today is 150 of the fuckers! argh!

tuesday was an easy 90 minutes in palgrave with everhard. little icy but way better than the weekend. crossfit was finding our 10 rep max effort at deadlifts. i made it to 180! yay! wednesday was a nasty, hilly 20 minute tempo run, followed by more hill repeats. good gawd! with about an hour to spare, i scarfed down some chicken and coconut water, and made my way in to bolton for my weekly leadville training session with the mighty one.

so let's line up 6 boxes, measuring from 16-22", hold onto this 15lb medicine ball, and jump from one end to the other, within 20 seconds. if you miss, you have to do 50 back squats with a 45lb bar on your back. 'what if i miss 10 times?' 'then we'll negotiate ...' you have a 10 second rest after each one BUT you have to do it for 16 minutes ...

bahaha! like a gazelle!

'hurry up - don't let me catch you!'

am i there yet ...

only 29 more times ...

and it didn't help that he kept making the boxes higher! i just thought i was getting tired!

when it was all said and done, i couldn't believe that i hadn't incurred a nasty abrasion on the shins, or kracked out my teeth, and that i had managed to complete every set within the time limit.

i got an email from him today stating, 'next time we destroy the hamstrings' ...

gawd help me !


  1. Wow! He's turning you into a machine!!

    Good job Kendra!!

    So nice seeing you at Friday Night Club last week!


  2. thanks lovely! it was SO good seeing you too!!