Thursday, February 9, 2012

115 royal burpee challenge

the ghetto girls wanted to test their deadlifts this week, so we worked up to their one rep max. incredible results! jan (who couldn't do a back extension when i first met her) got up to 115 lbs. and marion and andreaaaaa were only 10 lbs apart, with 175 and 165 respectively! OUTSTANDING!!

coach spaff was way up north last week doing the 'yukon arctic ultra 100 miler, so i was on my own in regards to training. this is his race report, and i was so excited to see him come in second! and finish it in under 24 hours! it was a hundred frikken miles! and he pulled a sled the whole way! good gawd man - are you insane ????!!!

so, like i was saying, i was left to my own devices this week. i figured i'd been working pretty hard lately, so i thought i'd earned a break from all those stoopid seizure repeats and hill climbs (not that i don't climb a lot living in caledon). that, and that lazy old everhard had to work - you know, being a firefighter and all - so i really slacked off! yesterday i ran up k2 - major ice issues - impossible without the cascrews - for about an hour and a half!

by the pirate stream ...

gawd help me - i hear we have to do 100 burpees for time at cf tonight! argh!

tuesday i just putzed around in palgrave for an hour and a quarter - again with the cascrews!

last sunday me and everhard did almost 4 hours on the bruce. we started at cooli's and ran through the tai chi center, across airport road, and to the TOP of the ski hill steps.

in the haunted forest ...

ahh! a job well done! legs felt great!

and well, you know how i always bitch about burpees, well, being the idiot i am, i signed up for this ...

the 115 royal burpee challenge is basically this ...

Those who join us in the challenge will start with a single burpee on Feb. 11. On Feb. 12, the second day, we will do two burpees. On Feb. 13, the third day, we will do three burpees. We will continue adding a burpee to our daily workout until June 4, when we will do 115 burpees in honor of what would be Royal H. Burpee’s 115th birthday. Over the course of the challenge, athletes will do a total of 6,670 burpees.


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