Sunday, February 12, 2012

chocolate ninja turtles ...

by sunday, my legs were pretty much done. it took a lot of energy, and whining, to get the time in. we'd had some fresh pow the night before, so the trails were a teeney bit better, as in, not quite as icy!

even everhard was feeling it - i actually caught him walking up a couple of hills!

regardless, it was a beauty of a day, and the time went by fast.

saturday was day one of the 115 royal burpee challenge ...

so after a 2 and a half hour skid-fest on icy single track in palgrave, i finished with one snow burpee ...

thursday was leadville training day, so first i did a bunch of back squats to get the legs 'warmed up', before moving to the 'trash wod'. this week the mighty one rigged up 2 bands, tied them to the pull-up post, and made me strap it around my waist.

i then had to run as fast as i could to this kettlebell, as many times as possible, without catapulting myself on the way back, for 20 seconds. i pretty much made 5 reps each time.

next i had 10 seconds to get out of the band, pick up 2 dumbbells weighing 30lbs each, and do as many lunge steps as i could in 20 seconds. this went on for 16 minutes - i ended up doing something like 150 lunges - it just about killed me!

who knew - the mighty one is an artist on top of all his other talents. we love turtles - especially ninja turtles -even better - chocolate ninja turtles ...

friday night club was packed! i was really pleased with my wod - got 17 rounds of cindy! wahoo!

AND, we just found out that crossfit indestri is hosting their winterfest competition again this year - end of march! so me, lisa, marsala and hopefully sara will be on a team! yahoo! crossfit ladies rock! we will call ourselves 'alex's bitches'.