Tuesday, February 21, 2012

no brownies for me ...

just LOOK who was at friday night club last week - KANE - hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kane!!

and i was partnered up with my fave awesome chick lisa for some ring dips and double unders!

great group! we all kicked ass !!!

we had a bit of snow saturday, so i was able to sneak out on the dions around 5 for an hour of stomping in palgrave.

i figured it was one of the last/only chances i would have before heading to vermont next week!

sunday i made the trek south of 7 again (i'm a pro at this now) to go running with the pylons. we did a different route that included the escarpment up behind kelso. if you look real close you might see digger.

i'm the little blue speck to the left ...

conditions were a little icy, and i didn't have the cascrews, so i was even slower than usual. i think cy was done an hour before me - good gawd! and the captain was pretty fast too. digger 'almost' got lost a few times, but i managed to reel him back on track. didn't get a finishing shot, as the guys were pretty much changed and in the car waiting by the time i got in! hell, it was almost 4 and a half hours! and the krapper was, one of the guys had brought homemade brownies - ARGH - i'm on this stoopid 6 week challenge, so i couldn't have one! now THAT just about killed me!

kool shot of a log along the trail ...

and finally, we're up to day 11 of the burpee challenge!

i have to laugh when someone says it's going to suck when we get to 30 - it sucks at ONE in my opinion!!!

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