Saturday, February 4, 2012

crossfit games 2012

krap! ahahaha! 150 burpees and 300 lunges at friday night club! LOVE this shot! LOVE this chick!

both of these girls are amazing!

big group in at 5pm led by the mighty alex ...

trails have just been nasty icy this week. tried the dions tuesday, but it was melting faster than we could run. i was kranky! then wednesday, did some tempo running with everhard on centerville creek. ugh! i am so slow! thursday we did 'hill/ice' repeats up k2. i managed to stay vertical, with everhard dumping once. no injuries incurred thankfully!

thursday was leadville prep day at crossfit with the mighty one. we did chain deadlifts - very kool indeed!

then alex had me do one of the wods from last weeks overdose competition. carry 70lbs of plates back and forth for 50' as many times as possible in 7 minutes - and you had to drop them each lap. jeeezus! good thing kane - hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kane - was there to distract me ...

and i have decided to try a strict 6 week paleo challenge. so that means no sugar or mayonnaise - 2 of my favorite food groups. this might just kill me ... regardless, i went over to kim nelson's today, and we took our measurements and some cheezy 'before' pictures. i'm thinking it can only get better!

wait a minute - aren't my boobs supposed to be about the level of my sunflower ... man gravity sucks sometimes ...

finally, i decided to sign up for the 2012 crossfit games. it only cost $20, and it takes place over 5 weeks. you get a wod per week, and have someone from your affiliate club to witness/score it, and send it in. and get this, they actually have a category for women 50-54 !!! although i have absolutely no expectations, i just want to give it a try. now with my luck, the wods will include muscle-ups, overhead squats and stoopid hang power cleans.

WAIT - one more thing - tons of strong thoughts to super coach derrick who is at this very moment racing in the yukon arctic ultra - go D go !!!!!!!


  1. How much are you dead-lifting there? Wowsers.

  2. all is not lost on the mayonnaise front.. :) good luck on the challenge. I think it's going to make me one cranky mo fo for a while.

  3. Geez, I thought it was around 300lbs.

  4. Do you count calories on your diet or just eat the right stuff? If the diet could lift boobs I'd do it in a heartbeat! D. did GREAT didn't he? What a way for him to come back after not racing for a while.

  5. hay ej! no counting, just the right stuff. basically, if it has a label, i don't eat it. no pasta, bread, dairy, sugar (i type that with trembling fingers). mainly meat, veggies, fruit, some nuts and good fat. for the most part, i'm pretty good, but after a week of eating tons of sugar at my sister's at christmas, i decided to do the challenge to get it out of my system and get back on track.
    as for the boobs - good grief - the one thing my mother warned me about DID come true. 'those things will start sagging if you dont' wear a bra ...' ya ya ! so no hope there!
    and D is fucking amazing! i was following him all day saturday! so so kool !!