Thursday, April 26, 2012

royal burpee challenge - only 39 days left

yeehaw! day 76 - 2926 total! it's been a challenge so far for sure - one sprained ankle (lucy) resulting in one-legged burpees, one sprained wrist (anna fair) from trying clipless pedals for the first time, many catch-up days due to vacation (sarah) and just plain forgetting (ian and anna v), but we're getting them done! my burpeeers rock!!!

so i argued with myself whether or not to post this, as i still don't believe it's really me. i caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror last night and just about fell over. i was stunned! this is what crossfit, massive amounts of burpees, and a strict paleo lifestyle can do for you. but to keep it real, i took this in my 'joe boxers', with the shitter in the background.

sunday i was feeling lazy and finally got around to an easy run up behind the tai chi center. turned out to be a beauty of a day! only did an hour, but it felt great! check out the first white trilliums ...

really kool old stump ...

super shot of this tree while resting on one of the ladders. feeling the trail love for sure!

then went over to dunc's for dinner and some hanging out with indy!

ran 2+ hours last saturday up k2 and then up and up the dingle. legs really heavy from friday night club deadlifts ...

tomorrow, me, captain and everhard are heading to ann arbor michegan for the no wimps challenge. a two day stage race, where we run 21k on the saturday, and then 50k on the sunday, followed by 78 and 79 burpees respectively, for me! cap and e will be drinking beer - waiting for me to finish both the run and the stoopid burpees. wahoo! ROAD TRIP !! e is picking up the rental car in newmarket at 9, also phoning me when he leaves so i can start packing, and then grabbing me and the cap up at the treehouse around 10. only thing missing is our little beer-drinking pylon ...

while i'm stomping around the woods of michegan, dunc will be doing his first o'cup on sunday up at mansfield put on by chico racing. watch out for brooms honey !

and finally, i leave you with this ...


  1. Dora, Lookin' Good:-D
    Am starting a more paleo diet this week.
    Love the PATIENCE also.
    Have fun on your ROAD TRIP!

  2. thanks ej ! good luck with the paleo - let me know if i can help at all!!

  3. Outrageous rippage, very impressive!
    Indy is sooooo cute!



  5. thanks sara! indy is adorable and super smart!!