Saturday, April 21, 2012

battle ropes ?!!!??

i was really happy with my workouts on friday. first i upped my max push press to 105, and then managed to pump out 100 deadlifts at 185. that was nasty! check out the 'butt angels' ...

super group lead by the evil little elorrrrrrrrrrrrrrra ...

great shot of tone in st. john's

okay, leadville training day! after some benchmark kilometer (seizure) repeats on the rail trail - 5 of the suckers - hay - managed to get the last one down to 4:07, (the garmen probably malfunctioned) i went into bolton for my weekly beating. "let's do some 1 rep heavy squats to warm-up." i was pretty happy with my 165 and then hearing, 'that was too easy for you'. this was followed by the killer. "load up the prowler with 110lbs and push it across the parking lot and back. oh, and make sure to use the bottom rungs on the way there - and try to run with it."

"then load up these bars with 50lbs each, and walk as fast as you can across the parking lot and back ..."

"and finally, grab the ends of this rope and bounce them up and down for 30 seconds ..."

"and do it for 15 minutes!" fuck i love this guy!!

tulips and a dragon fly ...

maxed my deadlift at 245 on monday! wahoo! not bad after 7 hours running on the weekend! thanks to father jimmy for the coaching!

today is day 71 of the royal burpee challenge! only 4114 more to go...

and i just thought i'd share an email i got from one of my super star burpeeers the other day ...

Ok, I know you have not heard me bitch about this Royal Burpee dude for at least one day.

I know you all have days where you are rocking these things out by the hundred and others where the gas is just not there. The whole make up the next day is cool when the sun is shining and you are up. I dig that.

However, the famous however………..

Who the F’ came up with this 115 days of Royal Burpee Fart worship? Who ever heard of 115 with no break for God, the sun, the whatever. Every religion or training regime has at least 1 day of fucking off per week! Who was this dude and the nut heads who worship him. Glad he is dead, his followers should have taken the cool aid so we would all be spared.

18 more to go then they may find me dead in my hotel room. I have put a toe tag on myself. Reads “R. Burpee RIP”.


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