Sunday, April 15, 2012

okay junior - 100 burpees for time!

sunday - long(er) run day! after a good breakfast of blueberry banana almond pancakes (paleo of course), i headed over to the 5th to meet up with everhard. we slowly picked our way down the first big decent, and then gradually settled into a nice rhythm up and over the hills of hockley! after almost being eaten by this massive dog that weighed more than both of us (thank gawd the owner ran and grabbed it as we approached) and then chased by this other little dog that looked like a small pig - i don't think said owner appreciated when i yelled out, 'aha, look at the little fat dog', we finally made it to the top of the ski hill ...

what do you mean this won't take us to the top ...

man, it felt way too comfortable sitting on this after 3+ hours!

check out this very kool old stump - must have been magnificent in its time ...

wahoo! first red trillium!

and so, after 4 hours of running AND 65 fucking burpees, we were done! okay, well, lazy everhard didn't do the burpees. we decided to hit the hockley store for a coffee, and NO i did NOT succumb to the sweet sugariness of the dreaded cowboy cookies. instead, i had an amazing sweet potato, ginger and apple soup, along with some pulled pork! whaaaaaa ! oh, and you tell me - would YOU try to break into this car ... awesome!

saturday, after a couple of clients, and some procrastinating, i finally got myself out on the trail. decided to head up k2 for a change. it's still hilly! hehe! finished a solid 3 hours and i was tired - probably didn't eat enough. stoopid dora!

burpee markings ...

view from the bottom ...

ahhh! putting the dawgs up on the deck ...

lots of shoulder stuff at friday night club and as always, a fantastic group!

said it lots before - love these two amazing ladies ...

marion brought 'junior' over to the treehouse with her on friday! i had fun putting him through a warm-up of front rolls, lateral jumps, squats, pushups and bear crawls ...

and then, cuz he'd made some smart ass remark about 63 burpees being easy, and that he could do a hundred, i decided to call him on it. i was pretty impressed with his time of 8:09!

to finish, i had him do some planks and hanging knee holds! awesome job junior!

had some solid running this week. did 7x3 seizure repeats on thursday with everhard. we leave for michegan next week with the captain!

wednesday was leadville training day with the mighty one. good gawd! 75meter prowler sprints - with 105 - using both top and bottom grips - and had to be done under a minute. after the last one i just crumpled onto the parking lot gasping. the mighty one asked if i was okay. 'no' i groaned. 'well, i'll be inside if you need me.' i LOVE this guy!!

monday we did snatches. nothing out of the usual but got a few pics.

wicked one of anthony!

and wahoo! day 65 of the royal burpee challenge! we've done 2145 so far!

This time I'm 'a let it all come out
This time I'm 'a stand up and shout
I'm 'a do things my way
It's my way
My way, or the highway''

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