Saturday, November 19, 2011

seriously - bar facing burpees !!!???

fun run on saturday! can't believe the temps! started out with moose and homey from humber station. the asian zamboni team was out today, and we had to play 'frogger' to get by them while going up k2. AND i almost 'angry birded' one of them as i was trying to run around her when i went off trail and tripped over a piece of wire! anyway, made it over to the creek on the dingle before homey had to head back.

laughed our asses off trying to set this one up . . .

kool fungiiiiii . ..

the creek by the porcupine bridge . . .

the yoda tree just south of hwy 9 . . .

put in 3 hours and was glad to finish. i think my feet are a little kranky from the kick box lessons i've been taking . . .

after, me and moose met up with the crossfit girls for burgers at kelseys.

great shot of kat and the lovely lia!

friday night club saw a smaller group, but no less energetic! we did front squats and then a short wod of wallballs and pull-ups. made a couple attempts at a pic . . .

ahahaha! awesome face kortney!

okay, so remember when i said i thought burpees couldn't get any worse, and then to-nay made us do bar jump burpees ?! well tuesday the yummy dillon had us do bar facing burpees - with deadlifts! argh! so you do 21 deadlifts (mercifully with only 135lbs) and then you do 21 burpees - BUT - at the top of each one, you have to jump over the fucking bar! ohmygawd! this went on for a total of 84 reps (times 2). i think i almost threw up!

OH! and just LOOK who showed up on thursday for ring dips and muscle-ups! kane! hiiiiiiii kane . . .

now pylon rules DO allow for tights - it is november - but it's not near cold enough yet. so i braved the 'several centimeters' of snow in palgrave thursday in a pair of shorts!

and in closing, a shot of miss lilian hanging out at the treehouse . . .

''And you don't need to bother;
I don't need to be
I'll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on,
I won't let go 'til it bleeds''


  1. haha! Great post!
    I love the picture if miss lilian, looks very peaceful..

  2. she's not really my cat, but likes hanging around!