Friday, November 25, 2011

hay porky . . .

i hadn't been running in albion all year so i decided to give er a go yesterday. i had been soured from there for the longest time after training for the death race in 2003, when i ran way way too many km's, including one nasty day involving over 11 hours. that and the fact that i've done endless loops of the single track AND a couple of 24 hour mountain bike races over the past few years. so to my surprise, i actualy really enjoyed myself! the freezing rain we'd had the night before made for some icy sections, but in general the trail was in great shape! i stuck to the north-east section - i call it the 'dead zone' - for the most part.

and i came across this little dude on the side of the hill just past the look-out! he was sooo cute and not moving anywhere in a hurry . . .

absolutely LOVING this freakin weather! it can stay like this until april for all i care ( sorry snow gawds)

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