Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wahoo! it's movember

and time for all the boys to start growing their 'tuff-guy' staches !! i think richard's is the best - makes him look rugged and not at all 'dentisty' . . .

had a couple of fab runs on the weekend! whoever didn't get outside was a moron - it was beautiful for sure!!!!! had a good romp up k2 on saturday, despite being abandoned by geoff and the moose. well, geoff tried, but neglected to actually read my email with directions, and ended up driving in the wrong direction to find the trail! doh!

regardless, it was really really nice out . . .

this is the best temp for running . . .

ewww! what the hell was THIS ??? spotted it in the ditch on the gore . . .

sunday i couldn't decide whether to bike or run. i ended up heading over to palgrave on the cascadias. look who i bumped into as i got there! junior broke his bike, and wayne did an 'on-trail' repair, converting his fully-geared ride into a single speed - why wasn't he riding one of them in the first place - while billlllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee stood by and made smart-ass comments!

anyway, i had an absolutely groovy run - legs were hopping the whole time and i had several private dance parties!

'life is good'


  1. what are private dance parties???

  2. reveal yourself anonymous and i will tell you!