Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cycle for sight

well blow me over,  but look what finally arrived!!!!!  i have been nagging my buddy syn martinez from crossfit harlem for MONTHS now for my fucking burpee t-shirt!  remember - the 1000 burpees - on christmas day - with kathy counting and drinking wine ...

so not only did i get a shirt, but i got 2 shirts AND a really sweet hoodie!   see - nagging does pay off!!

the second one ...

and the hoodie!   thanks syn!!!!!!!

ahaaa!   awesome sara!  friday night club!

very kool sky on the way home ..

on saturday i had arranged for my buddy anna v to drive me and my giant to york university for the start of the 2013 cycle for sight ride from toronto to collingwood.   she bugged me all week for the address (so she could put it in her gps thingy).   when she arrived at the treehouse just before 6:30, she had been up all night, left her phone at home, and forgot the gps.   ahaaaa!  for fuck sakes!  so here's me, the one who never drives south of 7, and her, hungover, sleepless and no sense of direction, trying to find our way to keele and steeles!  we finally made it, in a round about way, and met up with my super sexy friend alistair and his partner richard.

i then managed to find my awesome friend michael ovens - the one who 'made me do it'.  here's a shot of us just before the start.

took this of michael and his guide chris while waiting for a light on keele street!

the spread in alliston was AMAZING !!

haaa!  couldn't resist ...

one of my clients was kool enough to volunteer!  and she signed up for the 70k for next year!  waytogo donna!!!

yahoo!  made it!  140k in just over 5 1/2 hours!   great great ride!  and thanks to my buddy geoff for meeting me in collingwood and driving me home!

a huge thank you to all my friends and clients who donated money.   we raised a total of $2,775, and as a part of team 'mike made do it', we brought in $44,095.  this will go to fund vision research.  outstanding!

and thanks to michael for involving me in this - he is one of my biggest heroes and i can only hope that he too will benefit from this one day.

love you my friend ...

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