Monday, July 18, 2011

no fatdog for me . . .

The Fat Dog race has been called off due to snow and unsafe
conditions, such as exposure to long falls. We are not able to mark
trails according to permitting requirements. As well, we cannot set up
three remote aid stations. On Skyline, you would need crampons and an
ice axe to navigate the route (and all events must use Skyline to
return to the finish). In some locations, there is a 7 foot bank of
snow on the trail.
There is no alternative route that is not impacted by snow.
Nature has beaten us this year; like other trail races that had to
deal with weather changes.
Your options: you can have a free race entry next year or you can
choose to do another Mountain Madness race such as Dirty Duo in March
2012 in North Vancouver.
For people who sent me an earlier email, we had no Internet access in
the park so could not reply.
The race committee is disappointed and we realize that racers are also
disappointed by this outcome. We hope you will return next year to see
what the course is "usually" like.
Race Committee


  1. I'll do it with you next year, even if I do the 50 and you do the 100.Maybe we can sucker a few more in as well?

  2. Very sorry to hear, so disappointing.

  3. my 'non-running' friends think it's crazy that i'm disappointed NOT to have to run 120 miles! (smiley face)