Wednesday, July 27, 2011

duke's summer epic 8 hour

yeehaw! big congrats to dunc who placed FIRST in the single speed category at the duke's summer epic 8 mountain bike race on the weekend! sweet victory at hardwood my love! awesome job! (he's the tall one in the middle with the sore looking legs)

and me, i'm still licking my mental wounds from not being able to run fatdog. man, what a shot to the buzzards that was. took me a week to get over it. had a big emotional crash on sunday when i tried running and ended up walking home with my tail between my legs. special thanks to andrea for picking me up on centerville creek and driving me back to my car. and even more gratitude to derrick for his follow-up email (hope he doesn't mind me posting this . . .)

"you were totally due for a run like that. just gets to the point where you're so frustrated and you feel like what's the point. i think it was a really good thing that it happened yesterday. give into it, get it out of the way and now move forward. today will be a better day. lots of fun stuff to look forward to and get your Dora back."

he also added . . .

"without ice cream, there would be chaos and darkness"
don kardong

and thanks to everybody who sent me emails and stuff - it was really kool that you all 'got it' . . .

and next . . .

i'm going to try and be a dirty girl for 12 hours !!


  1. I hear ya! sorry you were so bummed, but I know you will "keep on runnin'" :-)

  2. Hey;
    Wanna pace me for the last 25 miles in Michigan?

  3. maybe i'll see if i can get into the race . . .