Friday, October 15, 2010


curious to determine the progress of 'the toe', i accepted my fave dentist richard's offer to get an x-ray. so on wednesday, i headed over to his office, and for the first time ever, i'm in a good mood! the girls were amused that i was there for a '10 minute follow-up x-ray . . . ' as i was standing in the chair with the big heavy apron on, suzanne came around the corner and asked what was going on. 'um, some very delicate dental work', richard explained. hahaaaa! within seconds we had the image. 'gee k/o, did we do the right foot . . . that doesn't even look broken!' uh, ya, no kidding! holy crap ! and when spaff saw it, he wanted to know if it was actually a pic of MY foot. even the moose was surprised at how fast it had healed! yay! i can run again !

and, as we all know, it was friday night club at crossfit. my legs were getting a little cranky from the night before where the beautiful sara and i did back squats for a 20 rep max. i managed 6 sets ranging from 65 to 115 lbs before stopping at 125 for 10. not bad! and then tonight i upped my 1 rep deadlift max from 205 to 240. YAY!

here's the crew from tonight - luca, adam, sonia, me, fedon and jenn c

tomorrow, me and lisa are heading south of 7 for a nutrition seminar at crossfit toronto with mat lalonde. should be interesting. and then i'm going to attempt my first run since sept 22nd. argh!


  1. Ahhh! I hate that I missed Friday Night Club! But I do have a confession....your obsession with Timbits has inspired the same obsession in me! Today I spent the day moving my furniture into my new place and stopped to pick up 20 assorted timbits on the way! Sour cream glazed are definitely my favourite (after the blueberry fritter of course, but we're talking timbits here)

    I say eat the timbits and just add an extra day to the 12 days of christmas!


  2. hello lovely! we missed you too ! the 'boys' were in fine form as usual. and as for the timbits, for the amount i consume, i think i'd need a whole month of christmas . . .

    hope to see you monday!