Monday, October 18, 2010


so i guess it's time for coach troy and the trainer again. gotta love those hour long tempo rides that almost kill me . . . man my ass looks big from behind !! haha, no wonder i get called buddy when i'm out riding!!!!!

saturday, me and my super strong, pole-dancing, cf friend lisa ventured south of 7 for a nutrition seminar put on by crossfit toronto and mat lalonde. digger would have loved it for sure!

got back to p'grave by 6, and then i had arranged to meet christine for a night run in albion hills - yes, i said a 'run'. woohoo! the plan called for 4x3min running with 1min recovery. the rest was to be an hour long hike. so i dusted off my cascadias - seriously - they had cobwebs in them - and drove over to the north end of the park. my headlamp pretty much kacked after 2 minutes, so christine gave me hers - afraid i would stub my toe on something in the dark! and then i was running - RUNNING -and it felt amazing! unfortunately too good, as we got a little carried away, and when i finally thought to check my watch it had been 25min. DOH! we'd better stop! spaff''s going to have a fit! we made our way around the park and back to the cars without incident. yeeeeehawwwwww!

sunday was road ride day. christine had some stuff to do in the morning, so we agreed to meet in hockley. i started out around 11 and ran into my buddy adam. nice bike adam !

when christine and the big guy finally made it to hockley, i was sitting in the chair with my feet up drinking a coffee and eating a monster cookie! man was it ever windy on sunday!! and yippee - look who we ran into at the store . . . lori had just finished her horsey stuff, and was taking a break !

we finally got our asses back on the bikes - well, christine finally got her ass ON her bike, and we made our way over to colgan. there's this neat place in colgan that sells antiques, so we decided to drop in and take a look. the 'owner' of the house was quite a character! he explained all the beer bottles were from a party the night before. and then, when we were about to go upstairs to see some more old stuff, he insisted we check out his 'man cave'. for the love of pete, i've never seen a hot tub the size of this one before! he says it holds 19 women, and him! hilarious!!

we did eventually get back to p'grave, and christine finished the ride off into b'town. i managed 70 windy km and had a lot of fun in the process! stoopid wind though!

monday i tried running again - stuck with the plan - 3x5min - and the paw felt pretty good. ended the night with one of the MOST evil cf workouts e-verrrr! you have to do 100 of these squat clean thrusters, which isn't so bad, but in the meantime, every time the clock hits the minute, you have to do 5 burpees. i tried calling the 'broken toe' card, but yummy dillon wouldn't go for it. crap! so i think i ended up doing 120 of the fucking things, had my heartrate get close to 195 AND get as close to barfing as i have ever been during a WOD.


  1. Hi Dora;
    Your link to the Crossfit seminar didn't work,Gaaarrrrr. I would love to see what they are feeding you.Looking forward to Ohio!

  2. sorry digs, i can't figure out why it's not working - stoopid dora ! it was all paleo. i'll send you the link.

  3. You have the ass of a 20yr. old. I'm surprised the hot tubs swingin' owner didn't try and persuade you to have a dip.

  4. he tried! he thought it would be funny if we kept our helmets on too!!