Sunday, October 3, 2010

sometimes, you just gotta let go . . .

it is with a heavy heart that i write this next line. i have decided to give up timbits. it was a habit on a saturday to bike into b'town, grab a large coffee and 10 sour cream glazed timbits. and yes, i could easily scarf down the entire 10 in one sitting. UNTIL - i decided to check the nutritional count . . . oh good grief - ONE timbit is 90 calories! NINETY fucking calories ! and i was, with no effort whatsoever, consuming 10 - THAT'S TEN OF THOSE SUCKERS! and that means i was packing 900 calories into my poor little body - NINE HUNDRED ! argh! so it's true - i've eaten my last timbit! (at least for awhile anyways - hell - you all know me . . . )

as per my last post - the toe is still broken and i'm still not running! spaff has labelled me 'grumpy gurl'. i like it ! anyways, i was exhausted saturday after crossfit - which i might add was pretty nasty - 10 pistols (one-leg squats) 5 cleans and 15 pullups - repeated 7 times - thanks dillon ! oh, but hay, i'm up to 10 pullups in a row! yeehaw! what was i saying . . . oh ya, so after crossfit, i pretty much lay on the couch all afternoon in the treehouse watching season 2 of 'bones'.

sunday was bike ride day! after having coffee by the fireplace at andrea and vito's first thing in the morning (man that was nice), me and christine headed out towards hockley. little chilly, but not bad once we got going. and of course, when in hockley . . .

look who else showed up! onions, luscious and the rest of the hingoranisms after a 2 hour hike in the valley!

we decided to jazz up the 'fall arrangement' the staff had set out . . .

anyways, we finally got our arses up off the chairs and back onto our bikes. christine headed straight into bolton - she had some domestic chores to attend to. i kept going and rode over to colgan before coming back south through palgrave. just HAD to stop and grab a pic of this sign . . .

when i finally got back to the treehouse, i had put in 3:45 and i'm guessing around 85k. great ride - thanks christine!

'you might see me jogging, you might see me walking, you might see me walking a dead rottweiler dog, with his head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar, hollering at him, cuz' the son of a bitch won't stop barking.'


  1. dont do it. dont give up timbits... NOOOOOOO

  2. if you need someething sweet and low cal...actually it will even cause a sweat to break out, I'm available!