Friday, November 13, 2009

we arrived

so the caledon limo - aka the vents mobile - picked me and onions up at 5:45 and dropped us off at the airport at 6:30. the toronto contingent - captain, digger, cy and the beaver - had already arrived and were checked in at this point. onions bought a $9 sandwich from starbucks and we settled in to wait for our departure.

they announced that the flight was 'almost' full, but me and cap managed to score an empty seat between us! we buckled ourselves in, and cap surprised me with a backpack full of yummy snacks. we had just opened a huge pack of black licorice, taken a piece each, and were offering some to cy who was across the aisle, when this woman walking by sneezed right into the open bag!!! cap was stunned and i couldn't stop laughing. there went that bag of licorice. so we got into the box of pecan butter tarts next! i think the nachos came later. the rest of the flight was uneventful, and we landed in vegas a good half hour ahead of schedule. from there, we grabbed our rental van and drove to the best western.

that evening, cy and the beave went to see cirque de soleil, while the rest of us cruised the strip. i'd had enough by about 9, so we made our way back to the hotel. onions stayed out a bit longer, winning over $100 at craps, but we can't tell lucy. digger's burger report for the day: planet hollywood earned a solid 9, while dennys was a 6.5. beer glasses collected: 2. tomorrow, on to moab. will post more pics later.

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  1. Great way to fly - snacks, except for the being closed up with coughing lady! Everyone needs to experience Vegas!