Friday, November 20, 2009

arches and the big kerfuffle

sunday we woke up to 2" of snow on the ground - thank goodness the race was yesterday!!! in true firefighter fashion, captain and digger cooked us up an amazing breakfast - eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, beer . . . what a great crew to travel with! after that, on to arches national park for some sightseeing and light hiking to stretch out the legs.

silly onions !!!
silly pylons!

and so after at least a half hour of climbing straight up, we made it to the arch. light hiking my arse!

after another hour or so of stomping around, we headed back to the condo for our 'day-later-steak-dinner', bbq'd courtesy of the beave.

it was round about this time that the 'right kerfuffle' started. the original plan was to drive from moab to flagstaff on monday, stay overnight in a best western, drive to supai on tuesday, hike 3 hours down into the grand canyon, stay at the havasupai lodge, hike back up the canyon on wednesday and drive to vegas for our flight home. what could go wrong? hmmmm. glitch number one - we have to be at the airport at 2pm - the drive from supai to las vegas takes 8 hours - the hike up takes 3 hours. therefore, we'd have to start hiking at 3 in the morning. not good. okay, so we change plans and drive direct to supai on monday, hike down, stay overnight, hike back up tuesday, stay in kingman for tuesday night and drive to vegas on wednesday. this might work! captain got on the phone, and 20 minutes later had our reservations changed, while digger had us moved at the lodge from tuesday to monday. what could go wrong? hmmm. glitch number two - drive from moab to supai takes 11 hours, hike down takes 3 hours. assuming it gets dark at 5pm, we'd have to leave moab at around 2 in the morning to avoid hiking with headlamps. not good! so now what!? 6 pylon brains started churning and the room filled with smoke. after a few suggestions, it was decided that we drive to st. george, hitting bryce canyon on the way, and stay there for the next 2 nights. woo hoo! problem solved. wait a minute - we have to change reservations again and cancel the rooms at the lodge. argh! over big bowls of chocolate reindeer track ice cream, we decided to worry about it in the morning.
tomorrow - we're off to st. george

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