Friday, November 20, 2009

st george

monday morning we got up and drove over to bryce canyon. en route, we cancelled our reservations at the lodge, and caps' wife managed to change our hotel rooms from kingman to st. george. problems solved again! it was still a little chilly when we got there, so we bundled up before heading out. after about 20 minutes, digger realized he had forgot to lock the van - DOH!! no worries - run back - check it out - lock it up - run back in.

this place was amazing - like nothing i'd ever seen before. kind of like the backdrop for a coyote/roadrunner cartoon, or a dinosaur movie. and because it was end of the season, we pretty much had it all to ourselves. check out the blue sky!

we were out for over 3 hours, and as the sun started to drop, we made our way to st. george and the best western. as a change from burgers and pasta, we treated ourselves to a great mexican restaurant. lots of burritos and cerveza. wanting to burn off the meal, we walked the streets of st. george. a few cars were honking at us, and we couldn't figure out why. later we were told it was because it was so cold out, and one of us was wearing shorts. but it was 15* ???? okay ??!!

our plan for tuesday was to visit zion national park. before starting out, me and digger sampled a buffalo burger - not bad! digger rated his an 8 - good, but not quite as good as the one from planet hollywood. we hiked below for awhile, and then drove up through the mile long tunnel. at the top, we climbed on foot and came out to a spectacular view of yet another canyon.

after a bit of scrambling, we managed to get our 'pylon album cover shot'. pretty cool!

wednesday morning, me, captain, digger and onions went for a run and some 'sploring. cap had us climb this insane hill right off the bat, and that almost killed me! once up, we found the t-bone and the rim trail. we kept noticing all these little holes in the dirt, which me and digger agreed were tarantula homes. eeeeep ! glad we weren't running at night. we also noticed on either side of the highway, that the trail area was surrounded by one foot fencing. what the hell?? oh wait, it had to be to keep the turtles in. haha! it was a really cool place to run, and what started out being only 40 minutes, turned into almost an hour and a half. so after a quick shower, and some last minute packing, we were on our way back to vegas and the airport. beave got nailed at security for trying to smuggle in a bottle of scope! and when we decided to play our leftover change on the slots, he then won $10. lucky beaver! the rest of us came up empty handed. oh well! the flight home was pretty uneventful, and we finally made our way out of the toronto airport just after midnight.

this ends another exciting pylon adventure!

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