Sunday, June 29, 2014

happy birthday little red ...

 i KNEW i should have taken a right turn at albuquerque on saturday!  i was up in hockley, and was scheduled to do around 4 hours.

when i got to the 15th (see below) instead of heading back south, i made the decision to keep going and do a big loop.  i was sure i could make it ...

once i got off the gravel and into the nature reserve, i was hitting a big shit ass eating grin!

pretty kool sign on this bench ...

it had been over a year since i'd been up here and i was lovin every step!

clouds !!!

when i popped back onto hockley valley road, i realized i was going to be a bit longer than anticipated!  it was a warm one, and the skeeters were relentless thru the forest (definitely making me move a bit faster) but i still had a great run!

5 hours later (doh) i made it back to the little red mazda.  and okay, i'll admit, i was pretty tired!  but happy!  again i'm seeing the results of working with eddy.  i made way more climbs than ever before and i'm feeling strong!

monday was little red's birthday!  he turned 8 !!  good gawd!  when did he get so old!?  bob had a party for him and 10 of his friends!   i called him in the morning and the conversation was hilarious - he likes talking on the phone even less than me!  i think he said, 'hi',  'fine',  'okay', 'yes, it was fun', and 'here daddy' as he handed back the phone!  haha!!  too much!  looks like he had a great time ...

and i want to make a correction!  i know i said i won the over 50 category at the seaton soaker last month - they even gave me a plaque - but when i was checking the results the other day, i noticed that i was in fact 3rd.  so i apologize for that and just want everyone to know that i didn't win despite being told i did!!!

finally, happy pride to all my beautiful friends!

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