Sunday, June 22, 2014

dodging frawgs!

i sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads these, but i guess i do it for my own reasons.  i have a brutal memory, and this is the best way i can think of to keep track of all my adventures.  it's fun to waste time occasionally reading back over all the kool shit i've done!

anyway, i've put in two fantastic weekends of running.  last saturday was just a beauty of a day as i went over to hockley.   towing eddy sure is paying off - i was able to climb stuff i've never done before, including the 1.5 k slugger on the 5th north of hockley valley road!

i know i post tons of pics from here, but it's definitely my favorite place to run!

i managed over 4.5 hours that day and finished feeling pretty good!

and then just yesterday i went back up there for another stab at the hills!  check out my view from one of the stiles ...

seriously, i LOVE this place ...

big clumps of daisies everywhere !

and i've run into this couple the past two times up there.  jacques and karen drive all the way up from the city to do trail maintenance!  they were there when i started and were just finishing up as i got back to my car - 5 hours later!  so nice!  they originally came to the bruce to get in shape for machu pichu!

and look - BUTTERFLIES !!!

what a glorious day!  another 4.5 hours with over 2800m climbing!

i got up real early sunday and was out in palgrave just after 5:30 - couldn't miss weekly mass with father jimmy!  this is the sun coming up off humber station ...

great time of day to be out ...

ran into these two characters ...


3 hours later i was done and on my way into bolton!

and tuesday was one of the funnest runs i've had in a long time!  i was towing eddy on centerville creek and it started to piss down rain after about 25 minutes.  it was thundering but i kept turning up my music so i wouldn't hear it!  i then did a bunch of repeats on k2 and the rain was so heavy i was sloshing thru 3" of water.  the best part was all these bloody frawgs jumping across the trail as i was running!  too funny!  i was absolutely drenched by the time i finished!

have a good week everybody!

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