Saturday, May 17, 2014

seaton soaker

now i know i'm an afrobrutality whore when it comes to t-shirts, but i just couldn't resist this one from ...

and so after a year and a half of just playing in the forest, i decided to get my arse in gear and sign up for something substantial - the fatdog 100 in august.  up until this weekend, my longest training run was just over 28k.   me and D thought a 50k would be good to 'get back at it'.   after programming the gps lady in my apple phone, and throwing a sweet potato and a banana in my car, i headed over to pickering to run the seaton soaker.  the captain was running the sprint distance - 25k - and we spent some time in the parking lot before the race making fun of all the pylon infractions!  and of course i had to get a start line shot ...

it was a warm one - up over 20 i think - but the trails were in amazing shape!  one of the highlights of this course are all the trilliums!

my super amazing friend helen - still kicking ass at 67! 

it was a 25k out and back loop, so i had to do it twice.  the first 25k went really well, just under 3:15, but the poor old legs started to get tired as i headed back out.  there were, as always, a few low points - a couple times i just stopped and walked.  i did have a good laugh when francesco came up behind me and asked where eddy was!! yup, i was for sure feeling it but luckily the scenery made for some great distraction!

i ran the last few k's with this guy - dale - which made it go a bit quicker!  man i was hurting!

i managed to suck it up and get across the line in just over 7 hours.  good gawd!  it sure felt amazing to finally sit down!  here's a pic with my buddy chris - one of my R2R2R cohorts!

overall i was pleased.  it might have been a bit overenthusiastic throwing myself into a 50k this early in the year, but it all worked out.  the race was awesome!  course was well marked and the volunteers were incredible!  we got a super kool race shirt and a carnation and a medal at the finish.  it was really nice to see everyone again - people i hadn't seen or run with in a couple of years!  I was even okay with having my ass handed to me by a 74 year old!!  good gawd! 

friday afternoon matinee at cfb was a riot!  we did some snatches, some running and some handstand pushups.  then we used the video feature on my apple phone to get some pics.  THAT was hilarious! 

nice ass shot fig ...

there we go ...

and finally - exciting news!  rumours were flying all week and finally the official announcement came through.  my super kool amazing friend jason saggo has made it into the UFC!  first fight - june 14 in vancouver! 
so, as my buddy jose said, we'll be paying a lot more to go see him fight now ...

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