Sunday, April 6, 2014

see kat run !

we got our kevin ogar shirts the other day!  wahoo!  looking good!

i actually managed to get out on the trail somewhat early on saturday - well, earlier than usual!  started at humber station and got almost through glen haffy.

kool cedar patterns on the snow through k2 ...

not the birthday tree, but just as impressive!

oh ya!  rocking it for 3 hours and feeling good!


after another barbaric workout of burpees and thrusters at sunday mass, we headed out for breakfast.  policeman dave did the 'just show up after class' thing this week!  and rannnnnnnnnnnn-dy was well behaved!

and LOOK who i got out on the trail!  yup!  badkat!  after a rather amusing conversation ...

tree hugger!

i think she's having fun!

climbing hills!

we even ran into sherry and buffett!  it's above zero so he ventured outside!

 what a great run - almost an hour and she didn't get her shoes muddy!

awesome weekend - i'm beat!  and i leave you with this ...

thanks tone!

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