Thursday, April 3, 2014

14.5 and the polka dot tire ...

let's make the final workout of the crossfit games open one that will cause everybody to want to throw up at the end, if not sooner.

let's include my two LEAST favorite things - thrusters and burpees ...

and not just burpees either - bar facing burpees. so once you've done your thrusters, you then have to face the bar, do a burpee and jump OVER the fucking bar ...

and you have to do 84 of EACH ...

with no time cap - so it's just go as fast as you can and finish.

seriously dirty workout.  i was absolutely dreading it, so when i went in on friday, i just thought to do it and get it out of the way.  it never felt easy but with kathy pushing, i managed to finish in 17:44 - done and done!  no redo on this one!

my final standings in this year's open in the women's 50-54 age category - 11th in canada east and 101 worldwide.   my awesome friend kathy finished 5th in canada east - not bad for someone who was all messed up less than 6 months ago!    

haaa!  check out gerrrrrrrrr-ry!  he got his 'upsidedowns' working finally!

and with the open out of the way, i can now focus on fatdog training!   i went into albion on saturday and put in almost 3 hours.  stoopid sign ...

creeks are starting to move!

definitely shorts weather ...

ran into these two guys!  love the pylon colored bandannas!

breakfast club after sunday mass with father jimmy!

and then sunday afternoon i went for a hike up the palgrave sidetrail.

absolute beauty of a day!

sigh ...

shot by the birthday tree - i took the dions but i didn't need them!

and i finally got to do some kool training this week!  coach D asked me if i'd be up for dragging a tire around behind me while running.  fuck yes!  so i went to my mechanic mike and scrounged an old tire.  but of course with the tire comes a set of rules.  you have to paint the tire, name the tire and talk to the tire as you pull it down the trail.  so then i went to the hardware store and got some rope, a bungee cord and some bright pink paint.  my buddy gerrrrrrrr-ry had given me some white paint earlier on so i was all set!  initially i had thought to do it in rainbow colors, but that would mean lots of paint and too much patience.  then i thought to do it pink, but that's kinda boring.  THEN i had a brilliant idea - why not get all symbollic - paint it white, with pink polka dots - this would represent the 'king of the mountains' jersey worn by the best climbers in the tour de france!  after all, i am in training for a mountain run!  and initally i was going to call the tire larry, but i couldn't think of any tour riders named larry.  i texted moose and he suggested a couple guys i'd never heard of.  he then suggested jan ullrich, but it didn't look like a jan.  finally he offered up 'eddy merckx' - hmmm - okay - i like it - eddy it is!  i was just chomping to try eddy out on wednesday - the inaugural tire drag run - and when i finally got into albion just before 11 i was pumped!  i carefully put all the pieces together and hauled eddy out of the little red mazda (yes, my car smells like spray paint).

with my afrobrutality '1000 burpee' shirt on for good measure, i started down the trail!  i had a blast!!!!!    i can't WAIT to do more of this!!!

i love that i've decided to do fatdog.  my running has a purpose and it's really fired me up!    "life is good" baby!

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