Sunday, September 22, 2013

'getting strong now'

the week started off great with a surprise gift from my buddy paul in australia!  check out the kool t-shirt - adelaide mountain bike club!  actually got two of them!   thanks paul!  i've been practicing my aussie slang for when (ever) i make it over there!

strong week for running too!  actually managed to put in 6 days!  haven't done that for awhile!  AND i got lost in palgrave on thursday?  wtf?! 

how did i end up HERE!?

the worst part is, once i got home and checked my gps thingy, i discovered i was at the south end of the forest, when i honestly believed i was north. 

EWWWW!  and wtf is THIS thing!?  they were all over in there ...

regardless, it was awesome!  love finding new places to run right in my backyard!

with my schedule this week, it made more sense to train friday afternoon instead of evening.  so, we took a 'matinee' pic.  and yes, it took a couple of attempts for me to trust that fig WASN'T going to drop me!  pretty kool shot though.   and did i mention that i did 16 deadlifts at 205!  owww!  that hurt!

father jimmy showed up just as we were finishing.  LOVE the shirt!!

on saturday, ghetto girls sarah, janner and jen donned their ears and braved the rain to run the zoo 5k!  awesome job ladies!

as for me, i wasn't so brave!  i procrastinated till almost 3 when the rain finally tapered off, and headed into palgrave for my 'long run' ...

i love the forest when it's like this ...

 yup - still sporting the hokas ...

what a beauty run!  i felt amazing and did over 90 minutes that seemed effortless!

sunday mass with father jimmy was INSANE this week.  talk about old school - me and jay were saying we couldn't remember the last time we did a workout that took so long!   5 rounds of 15 deadlifts, 12 hang power cleans, 9 front squats and 6 push jerks at 95lbs!  holy krap!  28 minutes!  i checked back and the last time i did this was in 2011 and it took me 41 minutes!   not too fucking bad!  my amazingly strong buddy lisa did it with 105lbs!  BEAST! oh, and i know this pic has NOTHING to do with today's wod, but lisa's in it and it's hilarious!   LOVE this chick!

and finally, finished off the day with a short romp through albion.

Trying hard now
It's so hard now
Trying hard now

Getting strong now
Won't be long now
Getting strong now

Gonna fly now
Flying high now
Gonna fly, fly, fly...

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