Monday, February 22, 2010

i love surprises!!

so i grab the mail this morning and there's a package for me - i love getting stuff in the mail! it's a big brown envelope from 'dion snowshoes' in vermont. interesting . . . hay! it's a hat! and wait, there's a note . . .

'hi kendra!
here's a hat for winning our 'greatest review' contest!
bob dion'

how cool is that!!??? i didn't even know i was in the contest!! i remember derrick asking if he could use my comments about the snowshoes on his site, but didn't realize i could win something! check it out! (scroll down to media and testimonials).

and so a great big 'thankyou, you're awesome' to bob and derrick!!!

one more thing - did anybody else see that sunrise this morning . . .


  1. Bob specifically liked the "sweet tunderin jesus - they are fucking amazing!" part.

    He said he posted it on his wall in his office. You're now famous in Vermont!

    Enjoy the hat!

  2. ohmygod! i'm still laughing over that one!
    and thanks again derrick!